• 500kW生物质气发电机组
  • 机组型号:500GF-M

    外形尺寸:6025×2100×2300 mm


    燃料类型:Syngas,Biomass gas


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    • 天成·产品说明
      生物质气发电机组应用我司自主研发的12V190ZL engine,是一款高智能化,低热量消耗,低排放,高可靠性的专为高氢气含量的生物质气设计的发电机组.
      This biomass gas generator set adopts 12V190ZL engine, which is one sort of highly intelligent,
      low heat consumption, high reliability, low emission, especially designed for biomass gas with
      high contents of hydrogen.
      燃气发动机技术参数  Gas Engine technical specification:
      序号 项 目 主要技术参数
      No. Item Main technical data
      1 型号
          Four strokes, direct injection, spark plug ignition, water cooled, turbocharged, inter cooled.
      2 气缸排列 60°V type
        Arrangement of cylinders  
      3 气缸数量 12
        Number of cylinders  
      4 气缸直径 190 mm
        Bore of cylinder  
      5 活塞行程 210 mm
        Stroke of piston  
      6 活塞排量 71.5 L
        Stroke of piston  
      7 额定转速 1000 r/min
        Rated speed  
      8 活塞平均速度 7 m/s
        Mean speed of piston  
      9 空载稳定转速 700 r/min
        Minimum stabilized speed  
      10 额定功率
      Rated power
      625 KW
      11 排气温度(涡轮前) ≤650 ℃
        Exhaust temperature (before turbine)  
      12 出水温度 ≤90 ℃
        Water temperature at outlet  
      13 油底壳油温 ≤90 ℃
        Oil temperature in the sump  
      14 主油道油压(额定转速) 400~800KPa
        Main passage oil pressure  
      15 稳定调速率 ≤5%
        Stabilized speed regulation  
      16 冷却方式 强制水冷
        Cooling method Forced water cooling
      17 润滑方式 压力润滑和飞溅润滑
        Lubrication method Pressure and splash lubrication
      18 起动方式 24 V 直流电启动
        Starting method 24V DC Electric motor starting
      19 曲轴转动方向(飞轮端) 逆时针方向
        Crankshaft rotation (facing flywheel) Counter clockwise

      机组技术参数 Genset technical specification:
      序号 项  目 主要技术参数
      No. Item Main technical data
      1 型号 500GF-M
      2 额定功率 500kW
        Rated power  
      3 额定电压 400/230 V
        Rated voltage  
      4 额定功率因数 1
        Rated power factor 1 Lag
      5 额定频率 50 Hz
        Rated frequency  
      6 额定电流 902 A
        Rated current  
      7 稳态电压调整率 ±2.5%
        Stabilized voltage regulation  
      8 瞬态电压调整率 -15%~+20%
        Instantaneous voltage regulation  
      9 电压稳定时间 1.5 s
        Voltage recovery time  
      10 电压波动率 10-15%
        Fluctuation of voltage  
      11 稳态频率调整率 0~15%可调
        Stabilized frequency regulation 0~15% Adjustable
      12 瞬态频率调整率 ±10%
        Instantaneous frequency regulation  
      13 频率稳定时间 ≤7 s
        Frequency recovery time  
      14 频率波动率 5%
        Fluctuation of frequency  
      15 励磁方式 无刷
        Exciting method Brush-less
      16 发动机型号 M12V190ZL
        Type of gas engine  
      17 发电机型号 1FC系列 (SIEMENS Series)
        Type of generator  
      18 联接方式 弹性联接
        Coupling mode Elastic
      19 额定转速 1000 r/min
        Rated speed  
      20 起动方式 24V直流电启动
        Starting method 24V DC electric motor starting
      21 控制屏型号 GCBP1—500M
        Model of control panel  
      22 操作方式 电启动
        Control mode Electrical start
      23 电压调整 自动
        Voltage regulation Automatic
      24 接线方式 三相四线
        Wiring method 3 phase-4 wires
      25 进气压力 80~100kPa
        Intake natural gas pressure  
      26 热耗量 11000KJ/KW·h
        Heat consumption  
      Specific oil consumption
      28 调速器Governor 电子调速器   electrical governor
      29 噪声 发动机噪声105 dBA
        Noise Noise 105 dBA
      30 机组重量  Generator weight  12500 kg
      31 外形尺寸(长×宽×高) 6025×2100×2300 mm
        Overall dimension(L×W×H)  

      发电机组系统组成Generator set system composition

      The genset system consists of a syngas engine, a generator, a common chassis, a high elastic coupling, a control cabinet and so on. The system is equipped with a perfect system of  syngas inlet, motor starting and electrical control. Generator is Synchronous AC brushless excitation generator.
      机组保护装置 Safety and protective devices of the generator set
       When facing over speed and low oil pressure, the genset shall be:    
       A. 停车Engine stop                       
       B. 主开关跳闸Main breaker GCB trip                       
       C. 指示灯亮Lamp on    
       D. 蜂音报警Buzzer sound

      When facing reverse power and over current, the genset shall be:
      A. 主开关跳闸Main breaker GCB trip
      B. 指示灯亮Lamp on
      C. 蜂音报警Buzzer sound

       When  high water temperature, high oil temperature and overload, genset shall be :
      A. 指示灯亮Lamp on
      B. 蜂音报警Buzzer sound
      C. 停车Engine stop 
      机组监测功能Monitor function of the generator
      控制屏上监测参数Remote monitor function on the panel
      A.交流电流 alternating current
      B.频率 frequency
      C.功率因数 power factor
      D.功率 power
      E.直流电压direct voltage
      F.累计运行时间 cumulative running time

      燃气发动机监测功能Gas engine monitor function
      A. 排气温度Exhaust temperature
      B. 机油温度Oil temperature of engine
      C. 燃气发动机出水温度Water outlet temperature of engine
      D. 燃气发动机主油道油压Oil pressure in engine main oil passage
      E. 滤前油压Oil pressure before oil filter
      F  增压器进油油压Oil inlet pressure of turbocharger
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